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Dogs can learn at all ages and stages of life, it is always worthwhile to form new habits and teach new skills.

Dog Training Methods - Philly Dog Training

Our Training Philosophy

Philly Dog Training’s philosophy and methods are based on operant and classical conditioning and the concepts of clicker training. We use positive motivators as rewards so that your dog is eager to learn and perform. We also focus on relationship development so that you and your pet are both devoted to making each other happy. All dogs learn at their own rate and we adjust accordingly once we see which things produce the best responses from your dog. Any issues like aggression or anxiety will be dealt with at the heart of the issue so we can help the dogs conquer the feelings that produce these unwanted behaviors, not just cover them up.

Occasionally there are cases where we believe it will benefit the dog to consult with a board certified veterinary behaviorist. We have a great relationship with the behavior clinic at the University Of Pennsylvania and are happy to connect you with any services or resources we believe will benefit your dog.

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