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Dogs can learn at all ages and stages of life, it is always worthwhile to form new habits and teach new skills.

Current Dogs, New Tricks - Philly Dog Training

"Current Dogs / New Tricks"

No matter how long you’ve had your dog, it’s never too late for him or her to learn new things! Many people think they missed the boat on training their dog and therefore have to live with the dog’s current behavior for the rest of his or her life. Fortunately dogs are very smart and can always learn new things, in fact, sometimes older dogs can be even easier to train than puppies! Whether there are just a few small things that you’d like to change, or you feel like you wish you could start over altogether with your dog, changing the behaviors you don’t like and replacing them with ones you do like is easier than you may think.

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Current Dogs, New Tricks - Philly Dog Training

Your relationship is something that grows throughout your dogs lifetime—and a strong relationship is the foundation for a happy life together. If you are having problems with or are disappointed in your dog, chances are it’s affecting your relationship. Once we figure out the problems and where they are coming from, we can wipe the slate clean so that you and your dog can start to enjoy each other more. The stronger your bond, the more motivated your dog will be to make you happy. Often all it takes is a bit of motivation for your dog to want to perform and behave for you, and then you have a dog that is happy to offer behaviors that you appreciate. Clear communication and motivation are two of the most important tools to a happy life with your dog, but often it’s not easy to understand what makes our dog tick and how to tell them what makes us tick. Philly Dog Training can help create a symbiotic relationship so that your life together is harmonious!

There is a solution even if…

  • You have previously tried to train your dog and it was unsuccessful.
  • You believe your dog understands but is stubborn and chooses not to listen.
  • Your dog only performs if he or she knows you have treats.
  • Your dog has so many bad habits you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
Current Dogs, New Tricks - Philly Dog Training
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