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Clara’s training style is informed by the latest scientific, veterinary and clinical best practices.
Philly Dog Training - Clara Wilson, PhD
Clara has a PhD in Applied Canine Olfaction and Behavior, investigating dogs’ incredible sense of smell. For this research, she trained pet dogs to become “sniffer dogs” showing, for the first time, that dogs are able tosniff out a smell of human psychological stress. She also has an MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare, where she focused on training practices for service dogs detecting diabetic glucose level changes in their owners. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center investigating detection dog behavior, cognition, welfare and occupational health.
Philly Dog Training - Clara Wilson, PhD
Clara uses force-free, positive reinforcement-basedtraining to help dogs learn new skills and to help owners who may be facing behavioral challenges with their dog. Her specific areas of expertise are teaching puppies foundational life skills, using sniffing games to provide enrichment and cognitive benefits to dogs, and reducing fear and reactivity behaviors in dogs of all ages.
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