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Animal Actors

Animal Actors

Philly Dog Training has had some great opportunities to show what dogs can do in entertainment and advertising. We enjoy working with dogs on set to help them perform for the camera and have fun while working. We are excited to continue working with these ambitious animal actors on their way to fame!

Whether you are looking for trained animals for film or print purposes, or you have a feeling your own pet may be a celebrity in the making, we would be happy to facilitate the connection between a trained dog and a starring role.

Our animal actors services include:

  • Providing talent needed for roles
  • Training animals to learn desired behaviors
  • Assisting dog(s) in performance on set
  • Getting your dog discovered

Contact us to get the reels rolling!

Animal Actors Hard at Work

Philly Dog Training had so much fun providing 5 dogs for this video article for PetMD

5 dog actors for video article for PetMD

Tulip loved working for Springhouse Films.

Tulip worked for Springhouse Film on a spot for Petsmart Pharmacy

Paco the handsome Frenchie as "Ninja"

Paco the handsome Frenchie as Ninja

Goose enjoyed working with Aumen Brothers on an Avis Car Sales spot.


"Billy" and "Super" performing some fancy tricks for a 6abc commercial.


"Oakley" the golden retriever, trained and handled by Marisa, performs alongside his adorable co-stars.


Marisa working with an English Bulldog, "Sherman" on his book "Get Fixed."

Marisa Scully Working with Sherman on His Book Get Fixed