Dog Training Philadelphia

When working with animals, it's important to make sure your people skills are up to par as well. Marisa, Perry and Jonathan are a favorite among dogs and humans alike!


     As a professional trainer and instructor since 1995, I've met many young or aspiring dog trainers. Most of them have some good skills, but are missing critical elements to make them truly successful. Marisa and Perry are the exceptions. They both have deep knowledge of dog behavior, excellent observational skills, and the training chops to quickly accomplish their goals. But what truly sets them apart is their ability to empathize and successfully interact with human clients, as well as their dogs. Patience while training dogs is important, but patience while training PEOPLE is essential, Perry and Marisa have an abundance of both. They are both capable of thinking outside the box and creating a training plan perfectly tailored to each client's needs. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Julie Norman Jenkins
Co-Founder, Y2K9s Dog Sports Club, Wyndmoor, PA
Training Director, Paws4ever Dog Training, Mebane, NC

     I frequently refer clients to Marisa for training and they always come back singing her praises.

Eric J. Matkowski, VMD
Associate Veterinarian
The Animals' Hospital of Levittown

     Perry DeWitt speaks "dog." That is the only way I can make sense of the incredible gift that she has in interacting with animals. She approaches each dog with an open mind and truly seeks to understand who that individual is. Her holistic, compassionate approach results in positive outcomes for dogs and their families. In my clinical practice, I work with children, and adolescents using Animal Assisted Therapy. Perry has worked with both of my dogs in helping them become the best co-therapists they can be. She is an excellent problem solver and has helped me develop creative ways to assist my clients and canines in interacting together more effectively. Beyond any technical skill set (of which she has many) Perry has a natural gift and talent for understanding animals and helping other people understand them as well. You just can't teach what she has.

Dr. Kirby L. Wycoff, Psy.D., NCSP
Post-Doctoral Psychology Resident

     I met Marisa while working at a veterinarian hospital where she was head of the daycare and training services. I immediately realized the amazing training ability and thorough knowledge of dog behavior she possesses. Marisa has continued to further her education by working with other trainers to research what she feels are the best training methods available. She is always challenging herself to reach new levels of training with her personal dogs. She loves what she does, and it shows in that after a day of training dogs for other people, she goes home and trains her own. Marisa is a remarkable young woman with admirable ability and unwavering commitment to her profession.

Merritt K. Kennedy
Owner/Trainer Carolina Canine Training

     When my year old Pitbull mix, Diesel, began showing signs of anxiety and reactivity I wasn't sure where to turn. My veterinarian offered no advice other than euthanization. Thankfully, I met Perry DeWitt. I have worked with Perry for over a year now and not only has she pinpointed and explained the causes of Diesel's anxiety, she has given us the skills to modify his reactive behaviors. Diesel has made great improvements in his social skills, obedience, and leash walking. Most importantly, Diesel is much more comfortable in our home and is the happiest we've ever seen him.

     Thank you Perry, for saving Diesel and giving us a better life!

Caitlin Duffy

     I originally contacted Marisa Scully because we had adopted a 1 year old Cane Corso. We had made some progress with training; however, Rocco was still pulling and barking at other dogs while on a leash. Marisa was able to teach me to incorporate positive reinforcement to break Rocco of this bad habit. Because Marisa has 2 Pit Bulls of her own she was very familiar with the challenge of strong breeds. After only a few training sessions with Marisa, Rocco showed huge improvement. Soon I was walking him, and other dog owners were commenting on Rocco’s good behavior.

     I feel one of her strengths is she is able to convey to the owner why the dog is acting or reacting in a certain way. It is obvious she has put a lot of time and work into her craft.

Melissa Ceresi

     Perry has helped us a lot with our rescued Cattle Dog. She is very imaginative and innovative in her approach to training. Perry always has new ideas and she is completely dedicated to helping our dog succeed. Best of all, our dog is absolutely crazy about Perry!

Donna and Doug Cosgrove

     My dog became increasingly aggressive with other dogs, and stopped listening to my commands. Brutus is a two year-old Rottweiler, and his problems started to cause my wife and I discomfort and embarrassment.

     I received information about several dog trainers, but my veterinary clinic recommended Marisa. During her first visit, Marisa got to know Brutus and observed his behaviors. Marisa gave me the tools, suggestions, and guidance necessary to make this program work.

     It takes hard work – Marisa provides the tools and the practice, and the individual dog owner must consistently apply this training between appointments. But if you follow Marisa’s plan, you will see your dog’s behavior improve dramatically.

     I’ve given Marisa’s name to friends of mine who have their own dog problems. Her program has made our life, and Brutus’s much better. I highly recommend her.

Dylan Davis

     We are the proud owners of a 14 week old Cane Corso, Piper. While we often joke that our dog is a genius, evidence definitely weighs against that being true! She is scared of balloons, she tries to lunge out of open car windows, chase birds (while they are flying!), and at least once a day runs into furniture. So the fact that our “genius” dog will sit, stay, stand, and come on command is definitely not because our dog has fantastic genes or because we are that bright. It is because since the first week we got Piper, at 8 weeks old, Perry DeWitt from Philly Dog Training has faithfully spent an hour, sometimes more, training her, and more importantly, training us. Perry is teaching us how to train Piper using positive motivation and socialization. And it works! If it wasn't for Perry, our dyslexic dog would think she is god! Piper will stay on the porch while we walk down the street. She will leave food because we told her “leave it.” She will drop (most of) what she picks up on the street when we say “drop it.” Our friends and neighbors have commented on how well behaved she is and this really helps our non-dog loving friends not avoid us! Having a dog trainer like Perry is a great investment. And nothing is better than having that trainer come into your home (or the park!) and address specific problem areas, unique to your dog. Perry is incredibly professional, flexible, and makes every session fun and educational. Perry has been a very gentle, patient teacher and having her visit has almost been therapeutic because when she leaves, she leaves us the tools with which to reinforce good habits, and get rid of bad ones.

Craig and Heather Hulit