Dog Training Services, Philadelphia

Offering private training catered to the specific needs of you and your pet.

Dog Training Services

Philly Dog Training offers private training sessions in your home or any location where reliable behavior is desired. During your first session, your trainer will take a history and get a feel for what your daily life is like with your dog, what your relationship dynamics are like, and what you are looking to get out of training. Any special needs or questions you have will also be addressed. Your trainer will cover many things like communication, exercise, socialization, diet, daily rituals, relationship, play, etc. because we believes it's extremely important to make sure the dog is well-adjusted and fulfilled from all angles in order for him/her to be a happy, pleasant pet. After assessing and prioritizing the training goals, we will develop a training plan for you and your dog depending on what's most important and what will be most helpful. The training will be catered very specifically to the needs of you and your dog to set you both up to succeed. Sessions combine discussion/consultation with owners and family members or caretakers as well as training/activities carried out with the dog(s).

The frequency and total number of sessions you will need depends on your goals, how consistently you work with your puppy/dog in between sessions, the rate at which your puppy/dog learns, and the state of the puppy/dog when training commences. We do not require an amount or set frequency of sessions. Some clients prefer to get the wheels in motion with training after the first session and set up further sessions when they feel they are ready for the next step. Other clients feel better knowing when their next session will be and preparing for it. You can schedule in a way that suits your lifestyle.

The rate is $130 an hour. Length of each session varies and is decided based on how much information we decide to cover, the number of dogs in the household, whether travel is involved within the session, etc.

Training Methods

Our training philosophy is dog-friendly and force-free. We use methods backed by science that are not only effective, but enjoyable for people and dogs. Learn More

New Additions

Whether you have just brought home a new puppy or dog or are looking for guidance on selecting a new family member, Philly Dog Training can help make the transition successful. Starting off on the right foot is invaluable! Learn More

Old Dog...New Tricks

Whether you have tried training your dog unsuccessfully in the past, or just want to continue to more advanced training and teach some fun and clever tricks, we can help you bring training to the next level. Dogs can learn at all ages and stages of life, it is always worthwhile to form new habits, teach new things, and improve your relationship.
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Behavior Modification

Behavior problems can make life very stressful for canines and humans alike. There is always room for improvement – even after other options have failed. Do yourself and your dog a favor by having someone patient and understanding work together with you towards a solution. Learn More

Animal Actors

Do you ever think your dog could have what it takes to be a star? Get your dog noticed by submitting photos for our animal actors database! If you think the dog could use some acting classes to make sure he/she nails every performance, we can help with that too!
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